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Food Deserts to Food Forests

Do you live in a food deserts? 2.3 million people in the U.S. live more than 1 mile from a supermarket. By planting fruit trees, we can bring fresh produce right to their backyards.

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Tree Equity

In Southern Nevada, more than 560,000 trees will need to be planted to reach “tree equity,” or the number of trees needed so that all residents can benefit from shade, cooler temperatures and reductions in carbon.

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Ely Western Shoshone Planting

We planted 40 trees with the Ely Western Shoshone. There was strong support from hard working youth, residents, teachers, Tribal staff, Tribal police and a special shout out to Tribal Chair Diana Buckner and Ely Tree Board Bill Wolf for partnering with Nevada Plants.

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Native Mesquite Reforestation Project: Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge

Since approximately 2005, screwbean mesquite trees have been experiencing rapid and synchronous die-offs, often in large patches, in the western portion of the species’ range.

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