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Nevada Plants is a 501c3 Nonprofit

Using National data maps for equity, food deserts and urban heat island, we have a mission, the tools and the calling to make change in our community. New people, new politics, climate change and a decreasing water supply, we must be nimble!

We are collaborating with communities and leadership to reimagine and visualize our urban landscape, empowering grassroot innovations and building strategic partnerships that embrace and protect our urban community forests while promoting inclusiveness and sustainable resilience.

Nevada Plants is a new, boots on the ground community based tree planting nonprofit, but its Board has been engaged in local urban forestry research, promotion, education and advocation.

We are creating multifunctional greenspaces for a more interconnected landscape, to help strengthen communities and encourage social interaction and cohesion. We are fighting for food justice and food sovereignty by creating public food landscapes, championing food education and literacy, ethnobotanical plant relationships, and using biophilic principles to rewild and reinvent the urban landscape.

Lisa Ortega

Executive Director

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