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Labor regulators move to address extreme heat as researchers see increasing risk

Extreme heat poses extreme risks, especially for outdoor workers. 


By combing through years of data, researchers are beginning to understand how these manifest and which workers are most at risk from heat-related stress or illness. At the same time, federal and state labor regulators are working to address the issue with triple-digit heat in the forecast.


Starting this summer, Nevada labor regulators expect to have greater enforcement authority when it comes to protecting workers from overexposure to heat on sweltering days. 


In most states and federally, there are no specific standards that address heat exposure on the job. But for the first time this year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is putting emphasis on protecting workers from heat-related illness.


Earlier this year, OSHA announced a nationwide program that gives regulators the authority to inspect workplaces where there could be hazardous conditions. In other words, as OSHA laid out in a fact sheet, the program “means that OSHA can now launch heat-related inspections on high-risk worksites before workers suffer preventable injuries, illnesses, or fatalities.” 


The program also aims to encourage proactive measures, such as making sure workers have access to shade or plans to help new employees acclimate to working outside on hot days.  


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June 2022